Education for the incarcerated reduces the probability of recidivism and increases the probability of post release employment. The presence of scientists who can directly and experientially present the content and process of the science enterprise, and inform them of jobs related to science can inspire and motivate youth.


STEMCAP programming is designed to fuel creativity and to effectively inspire and communicate STEM concepts to youth who have complex and diverse backgrounds. Our approach brings experts in science, the arts, and culture to increase awareness of, interest in, and the capacity to achieve in STEM topics; to enhance educational self-discovery, and provide a constructive creative outlet for youth participants.

Our Goals

For Students

  • Connect University of Utah scientists with incarcerated youth through hands-on, authentic science programming

  • Students will use and hone science process skills.

  • Students will recognize science as accessible.

  • Students will build a deeper understand of the nature of science.

  • Students will see themselves as scientists and ultimately recognize that they could pursue a STEM degree or career.

  • UU faculty and staff will provide avenues for which incarcerated youth can actively participate in STEM when they leave the JJS.

  • Provide a variety of engagement opportunities for students in effort to expose them to all types of STEM fields

  • Provide skills to prepare them for post-secondary education or a career in STEM fields


For Educators

  • Teachers will be more confident in their abilities as science educators as they become more comfortable using inquiry and scientific process skills in their classroom.