Stand-alone Workshops and Presentations

Science Right Now

The goal of Science Right Now presentations is to connect students with cutting-edge scientists to teach students about on- going research while providing them with the sense that science is current and dynamic.

Art-Science Workshop

These workshops pair an artist with a scientist to demonstrate the ways that artists and scientists interpret and approach scientific topics differently and express their ideas in different ways. While the collaboration of an Artist and a Scientist offers a useful element, a presenter who is both a scientist and an artist may also present alone. These workshops are hands-on and allow students to express scientific ideas through creative outlets.

Career Presentation

Career Presentations are intended to highlight careers in the field of science that extend beyond academia. The aim is to expand students’ idea of what it means to have a job in science while empowering them to believe that they can be a part of that scientific community.

Teacher Training

Teacher workshops do not involve youth. They are designed both to enable teachers to utilize new resources through a training on new technology or skill sets and to remind teachers that they are an important part of the science community. These can range from a seminar about recent research that informs teachers about new findings and demonstrates ways to bring those findings into a youth-in-care classroom to a workshop helping teachers learn new hands-on skills to use in the classroom such as podcasting, citizen science data analysis, etc.

Agency Science Presentation

These presentations focus on agency scientists and the work that they do. This allows students to engage with members of the community working locally or nationally to tackle scientific issues utilizing science. This could include scientists who work for the National Park Service, Utah Department of Natural Resources, NASA, American Conservation Experience, etc.